Bij stuitte ik op het bericht dat er via E-Bay een Diablo II level 67 character werd aangeboden. Op dit moment is de veiling beëndigd en staat het hoogste bod op $ 710.

Hieronder staat wat meer informatie over het aangeboden stuk:

MetalMan_GGN is a level 60+ Necromancer on the East Coast Server. Currently he is #1 on the ladder and is over 10 levels above the number 2 person. He has beat Hell difficulty and was the first one to do so in the world. He did it with his partner Judicator_GGN who was number 2 on the ladder at the time. If you want to have the best character on the east coast and possibly the world then this is your guy. His skills points were carefully placed, planned months before the game even came out. It followed the Necromancer guide in the Galactus Diablo2 Character Guide found at This character is definitely 100% efficient in creation. He also possesses some of the finest items to be obtained in Hell. If you want to be the first level 99 character and had a rough start then you can catch up by obtaining this person. He still has a way to go for development but you will be miles ahead of the competition. Blizzard was once quoted to saying that playing Hell difficulty by your self is “suicide” but I proved them liars. This character is truly heads and shoulders above the competition.