Bugs, bugs, bugs! DiabloII.net heeft een (grote) lijst samengesteld met bugs die door spelers zijn aangetroffen. De bugs zijn gecontroleerd door DibloII.net, maar (nog) niet door Blizzard zelf. Maar, aangezien Blizzard waarschijnlijk hun eigen (weliswaar onofficiele) fansites ook wel lezen, zal Blizzard er hopelijk een patch voor gaan uitbrengen...

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Bugs! Nobody likes them, everyone hopes to rid the game of them. And that is the main thrust of what Blizzard and Blizzard North are doing just now, squashing those last remaining bits of code vermin and program parasites. (Some things that are reported aren't really rightfully called "Bugs" at all, and many others are system-specific or - shocking as it seems - gamer error! But for sake of getting things on a single page, we'll misname a few.) From what we understand, virtually every item on this list is on the Blizzard "To-Do" List, and they're progressing well towards resolutions to all.

For sake of giving one-stop shopping on what you may have experienced, read about, or pondered on, here is our Bug Report. We'll not cover every bug; we might not cover even most bugs. But we'll do the best we can to cover the more common bugs, with comments, theories, and updates as required. At this point, we're starting off just a sampling of some of the known or suspected bugs. There are a few other types and varieties and species of bugs; we will add those as time allows.De Paladin schijnt echter weinig last te hebben van deze irritante parasieten, voor de paladin zijn er geen bugs gevonden tot nu toe...

Character Class Percentage

Amazon - - - - - - 16%

Barbarian - - - - - 22%

Necromancer - - 60%

Paladin - - - - - - - 0%

Sorceress - - - - - 2%