Rick Stutz van 3Dgaming.net is een betatester van DiabloII. Wat hij allemaal meemaakt staat in zijn Beta Journal. Verplichte kost voor alle DiabloII fans...I knew that many unforeseen perils awaited me as I set off today in search of this Den of Evil that Akara spoke of the night before, so I decided to get back into practice with my evil-doing skills by doing some hunting in the wilderness. Apart from the occasional zombie, there wasn't much out there to talk of, and my mind was set at ease that this world might be easier to proclaim as my own than I had first thought. After sorting through my bounty and seeing if I could persuade that cow with some of the gold I had ripped out of the zombies stiff fingers, I remembered the Tome of Town Portal that Akara had for trade. I didn't waste any time in buying it either as other travelers might have had their eye on it as well.

Beta Journal