Sightless eye heeft een interview met Blizzard's Bill Roper over o.a. de status van Diablo 2. Stukje :The Sightless Eye: Will it be possible to customize arena games in Diablo II, perhaps with an Arena Map Editor? Bill Roper: Since the vast majority of the world in Diablo II is randomly generated, we are not including any Map Editing tools with the game. The tools that we do use for creating set pieces is not user friendly and there is also no provisions within the game for interjecting new defined areas within the random level generation system. The Sightless Eye: I realize that this question has been asked before, but I know that it hasn't been for awhile, so I'll ask again. Can you give us the percentage of the game complete (approx.)? Bill Roper: At this point we are content complete and are in the de-bugging, polishing, balancing and incorporating technology phase. I don't think that I can really put an exact percentage to it, but we are very far along with the game.