Stomped heeft enkele developers hun mening gevraagd over de recente bekendmaking van Carmack dat er een nieuwe Doom komt. De verwachtingen van de meeste developers zijn positief, al is de 1e doom natuurlijk moeilijk te overtreffen. Patrick Deupree (programmer, Gearbox Software) I'm on the fence with regard to a new enhancement to Doom. It almost goes without saying that it will be extremely difficult to really make a "Doom3" that completely recaptures the feeling we all had when playing the original Doom. Too many things have changed and grown. The most vivid memory I have of playing Doom was the first time I was in a fairly dark "maze" with Imps, hidden in the darkness, making idle sounds around me. Keeping in mind, also, that this was still in the early days of sound cards and stereo, it was a very creepy experience. Basically, Wolfenstein, and subsequently Doom were the original first person shooters and a large part of their draw was that they were unique, fresh, and new. So many first person shooters have been made since then by more companies than I can count, that it's getting harder and harder to do something that hasn't been done. If Id can make a "Doom3" that really recaptures that "Holy Shit" feeling I had when playing the original Doom, then I'll be one of the first people in line to buy it when it comes out. I guess I'll have to wait a couple of years to see. Mike Wilson (former id "biz guy", current head of Gathering of Developers) Is it done yet? Paul Steed, please call me immediately Lees de rest hier. Ik kan in ieder geval niet wachten totdat de nieuwe Doom in de winkel ligt