Voor de mensen die bij Deus Ex vast zitten, er is hulp . Daily Radar heeft een Walkthrough/Strategy guide gemaakt. Kan je toch nog alle puzzels oplossen en de verschillende endings zien.

Niet te vergeten, Gamers Deus Ex reviewWelcome to this Deus Ex Strategy Guide. Inside this

tome of divine knowledge you will find:

Detailed Information on every Skill and Augmentation

Detailed Information on the Weapons and Tools

An in depth walkthrough of Deus Ex's 13 missions, including detailed information on completing the game's three separate endings

This guide assumes that you have completed the training missions. This guide is also "newbie friendly" and can be easily read and understood by a beginning player or a battle-hardened veteran.

Deus Ex is complex and dense. Most of the puzzles have more than one solution and nearly every situation can be done several ways. This walkthrough will only offer one solution to each puzzle and problem but with some experimenting you can find other ways of going about them.

Read on, fearless warrior, and all will be revealed.Wel spoiler info, dus lezen op eigen risico.