3dActionplanet heeft van de wat bekendere games en genres vaak een vragenlijst die de gamer mag proberen te beantwoorden. Dit keer is Deus Ex aan de beurt.

Verplichte kost voor alle Deus Ex dudes 3DActionPlanet's Action Gaming Test (AGT) series tests your knowledge of action gaming trivia and appears every Saturday. Last week it was the semi-oniric Heavy Metal - F.A.K.K.2 AGT. This week we check out one of this year's largest heavyweights: Deus Ex.

This excellent cross between RPG, adventure and first person shooter owns much to System Shock 2 and Thief 2. The result is certainly going to rake in its share of game of the year awards! The SDK is also planned for release, and several mods are already being worked on. Keep an eye on Deus Ex Incarnate, over at RPGPlanet, for all the news'n'tidbits you need!

Now, remembering to trust no one, look below and see how you do. The test automatically scores your responses and lets you know where you stack up on the next page. Test je skills in de Deus Ex quiz.