Deus Ex heeft "out of the Box" geen MP ondersteuning. Maar alle MP fans niet getreurd er komt een MP Mod voor Deus Ex. Deus Ex Fortress zal deze teamplay Mod gaan heten.

Aangezien Deus Ex nu al niet best als je geen Glide gebruikt ben ik benieuwd hoe dat dadelijk gaat als je met 10 man in een kamer aan het schieten bent spyro: As you have mentioned before, you're not simply making this mod just for another Team Fortress mod, what is your real reasoning behind making this mod?

EternalSpark: Bringing a great mod community into a great game. DX has the potential for some really great mods, and DX's features truly BEGGED for a TF mod of sorts.

spyro: I have never played Deus Ex myself, but many people say, it's not a game to be multiplayerfied. Do you think this will make the mod more difficult to produce, to incorporate a multiplayer aspect into the mod?

EternalSpark: Hardly. People forget that Deus Ex runs a modified UT engine. Saying DX can't play MP is saying UT

can't be MP. Just because a game has a rich story doesn't mean MP will fail. If we believed that, TFC wouldn't have been here.

spyro: What makes you sure this mod will succeed?

EternalSpark: It'll bring in hardcore TF fans, as well as the DX community. Other TF mods merely copy the existing TF and port it into a new engine. What good is having a mod if it doesn't expand or continue creating new ideas? Look at some other TF mods and they either don't have many new things, or the new features "will be out after a beta".

spyro: When can we expect beta 1 of the mod?

EternalSpark: We're not sure when beta 1 will be out, but we're not going to rush our mod. Despite I hate doing it, we'll have to use "When it's Done" until we know more details.

spyro: I imagine you are getting people telling you this mod isn't going to work, it's just another Fortress mod, and we all know that's not true. What do you want to say to those people now?

EternalSpark: Well, we know there are always going to be people who think we're just cashing in on TF. They're

wrong. But we really can't change their minds until we have a beta or something. Deus Ex Fortress site Interview met de makers van de Mod.