De mensen bij RPG Planet hebben de Deus Ex multiplayer patch geinstalleerd en hebben de multiplayer mogelijkheden eens goed aan de tand gevoeld.

Deus Ex is in Multiplayer op twee manieren te spelen: Death Match en Team Death Match. Het spel speelt iets langzamer dan FPS als Unreal Tournament, maar doordat je eigenlijk nooit stilzit (je bent immers druk aan het hacken, upgraden, implanten, etc.) blijft de Gameplay op peil.

Over all, the addition of multiplayer to Deus Ex has been very well done. The new skill reward system and the strategy involved with countering other people's defenses make it quite addicting. You still can't play through the game cooperatively as that would likely require major changes to the game AI and balance. As the Software Developers Kit (SDK) has been released, I expect one of the first major additions by the mod community will be Capture the Flag variants on multiplayer. This would be a lot of fun with the realistic maps, skills, and augmentations. The skill and augmentations system will allow team members to fulfill a specialized role, much more so that in a game like Team Fortress Classic, where you could only choose your class. Keep an eye on the mod community at Deus Ex Incarnate and other Deus Ex sites for developments in this arena. Downloaden die patch dus .