Bob, wie is Bob ? zal je je afvragen. Bob is de man die de ontwikkel updates doorstuurt over Deus Ex. Om de twee weken krijgen we weer wat te horen over dit spel. Beter schieten ze op en wordt het geen jaarverslag Deus Ex from ION Storm is an upcoming role playing game using the Unreal game engine. Blending the "Matrix" with a "Sci-Spy" attitude, Deus Ex's design team boasts perhaps the strongest and most experienced pool of gaming talent in the world. Among this group of uber-designers is Bob White, former weapons research scientist and Origin/ Ultima design team member. Deus Ex is a game we are all looking forward to at the 'Universe, and thanks to our Deus Ex special agent--Hinny, Bob will be sending us development updates every fortnight. 3-29-2000 Greetings from the trenches, one and all. We designers are still polishing and balancing resources. Voice recording is still going on in Dallas as I write this. We have a couple of thousand lines already recorded and more on their way. Scott M. is putting the final touches on the AI system this week and everything is coming together quite well in that department. We are working on getting all the NPC's to function within the parameters he has set forth and I think you will all be amazed at its realism when you get a chance to play. Deus Ex op UnrealUniverse