Gamecenter heeft de lang verwachte demo van Ion Storm's Deus Ex! De demo is 139 MB groot.

Helaas voor de duitse fans werkt deze demo niet in duitsland . De duitse versie zal gelukkig wel binnenkort uitkomen. Deus Ex is almost here, and Gamecenter has the exclusive premiere of the demo! It's the near future, and the world is a much darker place, ruled by corporations and ruthless governments. Now a terrorist group is threatening to throw the world into chaos, and it'll be up to you, playing as a counterterrorist agent, to determine what's going on. Developed by designer Warren Spector's team at Ion Storm, Deus Ex looks to be an intriguing blend of action, role playing, and adventure. Because of legal issues, Eidos had to disable this version of the Deus Ex demo so that it will not work in Germany. A German version of the demo will be released soon. That said, you need to have at least a 300-MHz Pentium II, 64MB of RAM, and a DirectX 7.0a-compliant 3D card. The recommended system requirements are an Athlon or Pentium III-based system with 128MB RAM. Hopelijk wordt het lange wachten beloond!