De hele wereld weet onderhand dat de demo van Deus Ex uit is, maar hoe bevalt ie nu eigenlijk. Bigkid haalde de 140mb binnen en gaf het een first look 've managed to download the 140Mb demo of Ion Storm's latest Unreal Engine Sci-Fi RPG Deus Ex and it's quite impressive. Deus Ex is being seen as the game that will save Ion Storm's battered reputation after flagship title Daikatana left many disappointed (though I hear it is selling reasonably well). If the demo is anything to go by, this could actually be the case. Deus Ex is like a cross between Half-Life, Thief, and Fall-Out. It combines the skill juggling and character improvement of an RPG with the action of a sneak and hide FPS, and wraps it all in an immersive story. The central character is a half machine special operative in a future United States who is called in to defuse a hostage situation. A terrorist organisation has blown the head off the Statue of Liberty (I kid you not) and captured a government employee. You can go in guns blazing and die, or find a more subtle approach. The game is not yet out in Australia but word is it will be here soon. If you enjoyed Half-Life's single player game, Thief's strategic, thoughtful gameplay and have a taste for Sci-Fi role playing, Deus Ex is worth a serious look.Het spel schijnt, net zoals Unreal zelf, niet lekker te lopen met D3D...jammer jammer, hopelijk fixen ze dit, want het mag toch niet zo zijn dat glide alleen bij dit soort spellen lekker werkt. Bigkid