Via 3D News kwam ik bij een leuk stukkie over de ontwikkeling van Deus Ex, een RPG met de Unreal-engine. Het schijnt ook dat 'ie bijna klaar is:Except for a couple of plot stoppers and getting the end game set up correctly, Deus Ex is playable almost entirely. Many of our bugs are small details that will give the game a polished feel. We are still balancing combat and the reward cycle and I predict another month of good solid testing and tweaking on those issues to get them right. Warren has been running around and shrieking the "The sky is falling, the sky is falling", and you might think we would be worried, but he usually gets a little frazzled and panicky as a project approaches its final days. We bought Chad (our MIS guy and local gun aficionado) a nice tranquilizer gun and some valium loaded darts and both his aim and Warren's disposition seems to improve daily. Dus de rauwe zenuwen van de ontwikkelaars daargelaten kunnen we over een maandje of 2 dit spel gaan bekijken? Ik hoop het.