Deus Ex was het spel dat Ion Storm nog enigzins redde van het knuppelteam van Eidos Interactive. Warren Spector zag na jaren werk eindelijk zijn geesteskind de wijde wereld ingaan en zag dat het goed was, Deus Ex werd een klassieker. Het feit dat er druk gewerkt wordt aan een vervolg geeft me alweer de kriebels. Ferrago interviewde Harvey Smith, de project director van Deus Ex 2 en volwaardig medewerker van Ion Storm, en peuterde wat leuke weetjes omtrent Deus Ex 2 uit hem.Secondly, what do you believe was the main weakness, if any, that you hope to correct or add in the sequel?

I cannot look at Deus Ex any more without seeing the mistakes we made. DX2 hopes to feature much improved AI, stealth gameplay and physics. Lighting (volumetric shadows), texturing (materials) and sound propagation are also next gen. Plus we have more flexible, globally-consistent tools for problem solving. We want to give the player more interesting options for character creation and advancement (including a female player-character).

Graphically, I gather you're working with the Unreal Warfare technology; what features has this new technology got over what has gone before, and what does this allow you to do in the game subsequently?

We've got a bunch of great programmers working here, revising the sound propagation system, AI, texturing, lighting and object/properties systems. We've licensed Havok, as you've probably read, for physics. Our technology is really next-gen and is going to afford players some amazing gameplay. We're using the latest Unreal tech as a starting point; it's nice to start off with art/level editing tools, so artists and designers can start working from day one.

Multiplayer: any specific plans of decisions made regarding this, yet? DX2 is a single player game. "useless device, it won't suffice, I want a new game to play" Voor het gehele interview kan je hier terecht. (als je een foutmelding krijgt dan kan dat kloppen, Ferrago is nogal vaak down )