Laatst werd al bekend gemaakt dat Deus Ex 2 zal komen. Gamespy had na dit bericht een interview met Warren Spector.

Het gaat zo wel snel, what's next, volgende week de aankondiging van de addon van Deus Ex 2 ? Yesterday we brought you exclusive details about Deus Ex 2 from ION Storm, courtesy of Warren Spector, but today as promised, we are posting his full unedited

announcement. It contains a few nuggets that we deliberately left out yesterday, as well as some wise words from Harvey "Witchboy" Smith.

Here's the word from Warren:

The recent announcement that ION Austin would be developing future games in the Thief series led some people to wonder what would become of Deus Ex. Would we

abandon the world of conspiracies in favor of writing the next chapter in the Thief story?

"With Deus Ex, lots of thought and energy were expended working out the game's fundamental design, while we were also dealing with technology, work flow and other implementation issues. This time we have a much clearer picture of the DX design, so we should have more resources to use in terms of clever new features and overall excellence of execution. Additionally, we really want to multiply the elements that worked well the first time - so the world should feature much more depth and freedom."

"More depth and freedom" -- that about says it all!

Harvey also kindly answered a few questions about the recent nVidia problems with Deus Ex and how the sequel will deal with any similar issues.

"We're evaluating engine technology now. Whatever we use--whether it's the next generation of Unreal technology, Quake 3, LithTech or whatever--we'll make sure it has no problem with nVidia." Ach tegen de tijd dat Deus Ex 2 komt ben je waarschijnlijk toch al toe aan een nieuwe videokaart