JoWood heeft een demoversie uitgebracht van de actie/RPG Archangel. Dit spel is ontwikkeld door Metropolis Software, bekend van de leuke Turn-Based RPG Gorky 17. Dit maal heeft men voor een volledige 3D omgeving gekozen. Archangel speelt vanuit 3rd person standpunt en hoewel de focus op de actie ligt zitten er ook een aantal RPG elementen in het spel.Archangel is the third person game (with first person view option) which joins role-playing and action-game genres. The Player will be able to choose between two character classes and faces highly performed plausible major character and many other peripheral figures, who are not passive, but take active part in action. Furthermore, the 'mutation' of the character into an 'Archangel' will be made visible on his body in all different different phases of the game. To avoid any boring sequences, the missions show variations in scripting, e.g. the game will not focus on fights alone but the player also has to sneak through the game and has to deal with sabotage. De demo is 92 MB groot en is hier te downloaden.