Genetic 1 Entertainment is aan het spel 'Demons' aan het werken, naast de first-person shooter met RPG elementen: Impact. Demons zal een first-person action/RPG worden. Het spel zal in de zomer van 2001 gereleased worden.GA-Source has learned that Genetic 1 Entertainment is developing a first-person action/RPG that is set to be released in 2001. Currently, Genetic 1 is concentrating its efforts on developing Impact, a first-person shooter that features light role-playing elements. Demons however, will keep the first-person point of view, but place more emphasis on role-playing. GA-Source has also been told that Demons will be powered by a new proprietary engine that will utilize some elements of the Impact engine. "Demons will use some elements of the Impact engine, but it will be mainly a completely new engine by the time we have finished with it," a representative for Genetic 1 told us. "The first sketches and ideas for Demons were first created in the summer of 1998, however we didn't start work work on the project until Christmas 1998. Since then, we have achieved a considerable amount of work on the game. The engine is under heavy development, and we have already started to create test levels for the game."