Adrenaline vault's Bob Mandel heeft weer niet stil gezeten dit weekend en heeft voor ons een review gemaakt van Demolition Racer.

Ik heb de conclusie vast gepikt :In a title emphasizing collisions, the manner in which damage is depicted becomes quite central to its success. Damage displays here are quite multifaceted, with vehicles catching fire and billowing smoke as well as having wobbly tires and parts of them fly off. However, I must admit I am rather disappointed with this dimension of the play, especially given my high expectations of a new damage standard based on the information I gathered five months ago when I previewed the offering. Instead, the negative crash effects occur in a rather predictable sequence, detached car parts disappear too quickly after they separate from a car, and in any case the realism of the damage cannot compare to that in Sierra's Viper Racing. Finally, this racer merits my rant against locked cars, tracks, and play modes far more than most products on the market today. When you begin, you may only access one racing mode (demolition), four tracks, and three cars. How many times do I have to complain that this is totally unfair to the buyer who has shelled out a lot of money to get the full play experience right away? There is simply no excuse for this kind of restriction, and many buyers may simply return the game to the store because they never have a chance to try out its full repertoire right from the start.