Strategy First heeft een demo online gegooid van de RTS Celtic Kings: Rage of War (vroeger bekend als The Druid King ). In Celtic Kings kun je de veldslagen tussen de Galliërs en de Romeinen naspelen, dit allemaal in grote maps die tot 3000 eenheden kunnen bevatten.

De demo bevat de tutorial, de eerste missie van adventure mode en één single player map. Dit allemaal in een schappelijke download van 90 Mb.

Celtic Kings is a real time game that blends strategy, role-playing and adventure elements. There are two modes of playing the game that complement each other – adventure mode and strategic mode.

In strategic mode, you play against computer opponents or other players on the Internet exercising your strategic and tactical skills to achieve objective victory. You train and command many units, hire and develop heroes, acquire powerful artefacts and conquer strongholds and villages. Launch large-scale military campaigns against your foes to bring them to their knees. The game-play in this mode is similar to the traditional RTS gameplay.

In adventure mode, you control a party of heroes and explore the world as the struggle between Caesar and the Gaul chieftain Vercingetorix evolves. Which side you will support? Will you betray your allies of yesterday? Will you follow the mysterious druids as they request your assistance? Command strongholds and large armies; take risky missions behind the enemy lines. Find powerful artefacts to support you. Make friends and foes as you try to reveal who are you and who you want to be. De file is te vinden bij Gigex (Directe link