Er gingen screenshots rond op de fora van verschillende DF (2) sites welke van Landwarrior, deel 3, zouden zijn. Volgens Novalogic zijn dit geen screenshots van Landwarrior. Verder werd er beweerd dat Landwarrior gewoon de versie van DF 2 is, die aangepast is voor de US army. Ook dit is niet waar. Er worden wel een aantal dingen uit deze versie overgenomen, maar de game krijgt een compleet nieuwe engine en zal nog steeds gebasseerd zijn op het Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta team."Those screens are not from the upcoming Land Warrior game. Delta Force: Land Warrior is based on an entirely different engine, a fully accelerated, 3D-required engine that should deliver considerably faster frame rates both indoors and outdoors (and much bigger, more complex interiors) than the VoxelSpace 32 engine used in Delta Force 2 and in the work we're doing for the U.S. Army. There seems to be an assumption in the forums that all the changes [that have been witnessed] in the program we're doing for the Army will end up in Delta Force: Land Warrior. I'd like to take this opportunity to set the record straight: The program we're doing for the Army is intended as a serious training aid for infantry using the Land Warrior system. Delta Force: Land Warrior, on the other hand, is intended as a fun game based on Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta. That distinction alone guarantees the new game will be very different from the Army program. The weapons, equipment, features, and mission design in Delta Force: Land Warrior will be based on what the real Delta Force uses -- and on what we think will be most fun for the player. There's literally no connection between our work for the Army and Delta Force: Land Warrior -- except that the game will contain some elements of the Land Warrior system (exactly which elements it will use are still being determined by the game's designers)."