Het is bijna November en alle Delta Force fans zullen deze maand met een glimlach tegemoet zien want dan komt DF: Land Warrior uit (als het goed is ).

In de game zullen een aantal "toekomstige" wapens zitten. Land Warrior Weapons Update

PC: Delta Force: Land Warrior Producer Wes Eckhart gives FGN Online the lowdown on new weapons set to feature in the upcoming shooter.

When NovaLogic announced Delta Force: Land

Warrior the company said that it would give gamers

a first glimpse into the future of infantry combat. Big

words indeed.

According to Eckhart, "The first thing players will

notice is the new primary weapon, the Objective

Individual Combat Weapon, or OICW. It's a new weapons system that integrates a 5.56mm rifle with a 20mm grenade launcher, a laser range finder, and a video scope with thermal optics for night vision.

"The 20mm grenade launcher doesn't pack the punch of the 40mm used on the current M-4 carbine, but it has a computer-assisted fusing system that works in conjunction with the laser ranger, so its precision makes up for its lighter firepower. The OICW is being developed as a replacement for the M-16 and the M-4, so it's a definite glimpse into the future of infantry gear."

Land Warrior is due out in November. Hee geen plaatjes !, wat is dat nou, dan moeten we het maar doen met dit stukje tekst.