De single player demo was al een tijdje uit maar Novalogic wilde de multiplayerfans niet laten zitten en bracht ook een multiplayer demo uit.

Zelf vond ik deel3 meer van hetzelfde maar misschien valt de final version wel mee.This Delta Force Land Warrior demo includes one single player mission that features "Gas Can", one of the 5 playable characters from the full version of the game. As the grenadier expert, you have the special ability to maintain pinpoint accuracy with Gas Can's favorite weapon, the MM-1 Grenade Launcher. Additionally armed with the latest Land Warrior equipment such as the O.I.C.W. assault rifle, you must fight your way into the pyramids of Egypt and recover a briefcase containing deadly bio-toxins.

As an elite Delta Force operative, you are given the freedom to tackle missions from multiple angles. Whether you go guns a blazing straight through the trenches or carefully sneak past the enemy using terrain and walls for cover, you decide how best to handle the mission. Design Strategies and Tips

Single/Multiplayer Demo

38 MB - EXE

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