Deel 3 van de bekende Delta Force serie is in aantocht. Voor alle fans en andere lui die vragen hebben heeft Novalogic een FAQ in elkaar gedraaid.

Hmmm maar twee vrouwen die meedoen...lekker geemancipeerd wereldje

So FAQ him and FAQ you to A one-shot, one-kill game like the Delta Force series could really use an in-game save feature. Any chance of that happening in the new game?

Yes. We've gotten a lot of requests to add an in-game save feature, so Delta Force: Land Warrior will let you save your progress anywhere and at any time during a mission. Hard-core DF players may still want to play through each mission without saving, but the feature will be there for those who want to use it.

How is soldier selection going to work in the game? Do I have to choose one soldier at the start and stick with him or her throughout the campaign? Does that mean I have to go through the campaign five times to play as all five soldiers?

No. Before you start any new mission, you'll be able to go back to the "Select Soldier" screen and choose a new Delta Force member. Your accumulated statistics (successful missions, kills, etc.) will be retained no matter how many times you change. So you can stick with one identity throughout the campaign or choose a different soldier for every new mission.

Just one female soldier? What's up with that?

Actually, there are two female soldiers -- there always were. You've seen the bio of underwater demolitionist Erica "Mako" Swift on GameSpot. Information on the other female Delta Force member will be released on Sept. 22. (And, for the record, Mako isn't French. As her bio says, she was born in France -- to an American embassy worker.)

What are you doing to reduce lag in NovaWorld games?

There are a lot of factors beyond our control that can cause lag between players' PCs and our servers, but we're doing everything we can on our end of the equation. For starters, we're gearing up to increase our bandwidth -- we've had a new T3 line on order for months, but it requires us to build an entirely new telecommunications room in our building to accommodate the fiber optic cable boxes. We hope to have this done very soon. In addition, we're planning to have new, dedicated NovaWorld servers in most major European countries within the next 12 months.

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