Avault heeft een interview met de makers van Delta Force, Novalogic, online gezet. Het interview gaat over de nieuwe Delta Force: Delta Force: Land Warrior. Land Warrior zal een nieuwe engine hebben met ondersteuning van je 3D kaart.The result will be Delta Force: Land Warrior, the next release in the popular line of special forces action games. Fans who grumbled about the dated visuals while waist deep in stiff grass will be pleased to hear the sequel is a new product from the ground up, starting with an all-new, accelerated graphics engine. Featuring support for all major 3D accelerators, the new engine gains all the performance benefits of cutting-edge 3D acceleration while retaining the strengths of the voxel-based engines that powered the former titles. The long-range outdoor encounters that gave those games their uniqueness will also grace the game, letting people see and engage enemies at distances of 1,000 meters or more. > Naast het interview heeft Avault ook nog 4 exclusieve screenshots. De site van Novalogic vindt je hier, een Delta Force fansite hier,