De eerste screenshot van DF3: Land Warrior is beschikbaar. Verder heeft nog een Q&A (Questions and answers/interview) online gezet, en als DF2 op je systeem draait dan zal deel 3 dit ook doen, nog iets sneller zelfs!Q: Will LW include a Map Editor so we can create our own maps? A: NO, no plans at present for a map editor. Q: Will the code be more secure to eliminate cheating? Or at least configurable enough to allow programmers write monitoring programs? A: Novalogic are very concerned about cheats and trainers ruining the online multiplayer gaming experience and are currently investigating ways to countermeasure them. Q: Can we get an actual beta release to the community to allow proper testing? A: Novalogic does almost 100 % of its beta testing in-house although with Tachyon they did send out 100 CDs for testing. Q: What are the best guess system requirements going to be? I had to hock all my worldly possessions for the upgrade to play DF2! A: If DF2 played for you on your current system and you have a 3D card, Land Warrior will play even faster and smoother on the same PC. De kwaliteit van de plaatjes is niet erg goed, ze zijn namelijk ingescand. Toch zien de gfx er al beter uit als bij het tweede deel. Bedankt VAK voor de tip!