Voor alle jagers is er goed nieuws,er komt weer een Deer Hunter uit,nu met nieuwe wapens,verbetere verrekijker en mapeditor. Deer Hunter 3 Gold Edition for the PC will shoot into stores in March for around $20. New features include more hunting locations in one of three areas in Wisconsin, a new weapon and assortment of scopes, a map editor, and essential equipment such as range finding binoculars, interchangeable scopes and recticles. Virtual hunters will hear the Huntin' Country Music score as they scope for prey.

As with Deer Hunter 3, the new Gold Edition has hunting areas with seasonal changes such as leaves falling from trees. Other environmental effects include fish swimming in water, roaming animals and sunsets. Gamers can save their progress and relaunch where they left off. Shotguns, bows and muzzle loaders are on the weapons list with 15 different rifles. Ballistics data is incorporated into the game for accuracy. Special to the Gold Edition, people can play as the deer while their online buddies hunt them down. This title is being developed at Sunstorm Interactive. Dat word weer jagen in Maart