Bij het vuurpeleton hebben ze een demo en dus ook screens kunnen bemachtigen van Deep Space Nine: The Fallen. Ik moet toegeven, dat het er prima uitziet!

The Fallen is based on the Simon & Shuster DS9 Millenium Saga trilogy. The Pah-wraiths, a powerful race exiled from the wormhole, are about to return with the help of three mysterious red orbs. The Paw-wraith's return will bring the final reckoning and possibly, the destruction of the universe.

Playing as Captain Sisko, Major Kira, and Lt. Commander Worf, it's your job to find the red orbs before it's too late. SSI visited our offices recently to drop off a playable demo. We'll have a preview soon, but here are some screenshots to tide you over until then. Let's take a look at this third person shooter.

Bekijk ze allemaal ..