Er is een nieuwe versie uit van Servarena, een tool om (dedicated) Q3 servers te starten.

Nieuwe functies:Support for N-O-P, the server statistics utility available at Support for multiple master servers, you can now enter up to four additional servers to report to, and the GameSpy server is pre-entered for your convenience Fixed the bug that kept the email link on the 'about' tab from working properly Added a tool-tip text to the tool bar as a reminder of it's availability Servarena will now scan your baseq3maps folder (if it exists) for any custom maps that may reside there When 'cycle maps' is unselected, servarena will now launch the first map on the list of selected maps instead of q3dm0 Servarena will now confirm that the bot script is created Fixed the server password bug - this feature now works correctly - clients need to use the password command on the console to connect to your server Added auto-bots, a feature that will automatically add/kick bots. Bots are kicked when real players join! Added a 'disable bot chat' check box - when selected the bots will not chat Fixed the order of controls so you can easily use the tab key to advance through the settings Je kan hem hier halen