Ryan "Ridah" Feltrin heeft een dedicated (server only) versie voor Linux van Kingpin gemaakt. I've gone and compiled a dedicated Linux Kingpin v1.21 binary set, it is available at: http://impact.frag.com/ridah/kptest/kpded-linux-glibc-i386-v120-to-v121-patch.zip Since Interplay have locked Kingpin at v1.21, I decided to roll back the changes and release a linux v1.21. This should be the final Kingpin release, assuming there are no issues with this Linux release. Why no Linux client release? I didn't have enough time to work on the Linux client since v1.20, so considering the only fixes since then are server-side only, it wouldn't make sense to release a new Linux client, only to have the existing problems get reported again. The v1.20 Linux client should be fully compatible with v1.21 servers, so if it works for you, you should be fine. The other remaining issue, is the lack of Linux compilables in the SDK, for the files that were omitted from the game source. I have placed these files, along with an example MAKEFILE in the following package: http://impact.frag.com/ridah/kptest/kingpinSDK-v121-navlib-linux-glibc-i386.zip The MAKEFILE included is the one I use to build the full source, so you'll need to modify it so that it only tries to build the game source. Download hem dus hier