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Sharedware heeft de Savage PCI kaart uitgebracht waar mee het mogelijk is om op 1 computer meerdere beeldschermen, boxen, toetsenbord en een

muis aan te sluiten. Volgens Sharedware gebruikt de 2de gebruiker het ongebruikte gedeelte van de CPU. De Benchmark bevestigen dit wel gedeeltelijkGive your computer a split personality The perfect solution would be to add another monitor, keyboard and mouse to your computer so that two people use it at the same time, but hey, this is the real world -- and thank goodness the folks at Sharedware live in it. They've come up with the Savage PCI card that lets you do exactly that! Pop in the Sharedware Savage card into a PCI slot in your computer, add your old monitor or TV, keyboard, mouse and speakers and you've got a decently performing clone of it. When you look at the game benchmarks further on in the article, you'll see that you can get some pretty impressive results even without a Pentium 3. Is magic or sorcery involved? No, but... Bill Gates is involved! Well... not really, but the Sharedware Savage does rely on the multitasking abilities of Microsoft Windows 95/98 to do its magic.Het artikel is hier te vinden.