Deathmatch or Teamplay: that's the question

Bij 3D actionPlanet zijn ze weer een een leuke discussie over het verschil tussen Deathmatch en Teamplay games aan het voeren: Love2play: In deathmatch it's simple: kill everyone in front of you and stay alive while doing it. Now THAT takes skill! CitizenC: Skill, schmill! Straight DM is to multi-player like Pepsi-ONE is to Pepsi -- it is multiplayer light. True, it means that you have to have finely toned skills to succeed in a DM game, but what happens when you win? Everybody else hates you, and you have nobody to share your victory with.

But how do you feel after a rousing game of Counter-Strike? (That is, after playing with people you know.) For me, anyway, it is like a religious experience -- I have a feeling of pride. Playing on a LAN is even more fun -- your team is on one side of the room, your opponents on the other. That way, you can actually communicate vocally with your team mates. (Cheering when your team does well, and groaning when your team does something...not so well.)And the winner is:Counter-Strike is one of the first well planned and extremely dedicated teamplay mods I've seen in a long time. Can't argue there. It is the king of all teamplay mods. But there are classics that can't go without mention in deathmatch. Geen van beide dus! Het is nou eenmaal zo dat de ene persoon de andere niet is, en iedereen zijn eigen smaak heeft.

Voor de 56K bezitters onder ons: Love2Play: So here you are on the internet with all these wannabe l337 fraggers who think their 33.6 connection is going to help carry the team. CitizenC: For the record, I am a 56 Kbps Internet wannabe, and I have no problems playing online at all. All it takes is practice -- learning to compensate for lag, and just going at it. Dus gewoon blijven oefenen en alles komt goed...