In het kader van de dag van de humor een stukje over 'Now I ROCK Even More At Multiplay!' Erg leuk!The second part of the challenge is perhaps the most important, and truly the hardest of them all. It involves actually deathmatching a live opponent over the internet. Before you declare this blasphemy and go on and label this idea as ridiculous, hear me out. From my great experiences, playing actual deathmatches do improve your deathmatch skills. Now, I don't know how effective it is compared to rodents and stuff, but I've heard rumors, and I think it does help to play some actual deathmatches.We launched into a game of Quake2 on "The Edge". And boy, did he ever regret that. During the course of the game, I keep taunting him with the words "The Edge gives me the edge" and other witty phrases pulled from the greatest Shakespearean plays, but the jackass was hardly impressed by my great knowledge of literature. So I just started taunting him with "You are sooooo sexy!", which kinda scared him.Nou, succes er maar mee enne.. misschien leer je er echt nog iets van