GA-RPG heeft een grote lijst met features gekregen en een aantal screenshots erbij van het spel Deathdealer. Deathdealer is overigens nog de werktitel, vandaar de aanhalingstekens.[bullet]Thirteen scenarios linked into an epic saga each posing a unique heroic-fantasy challenge (dungeon exploration, man hunt, battle, assassination, commando missions…). [bullet]Over 40 non-linear sub-quests. [bullet]Real-time 3D characters and monsters within pre-rendered background. [bullet]What you see is what your wear. [bullet]Interactive Environments: bash doors, burn wooden items, push objects… [bullet]Players create 4 characters each having 5 to 8 special fighting blows and exclusive abilities: riding, climbing, swimming, flying…[bullet]Two combat modes: turn-based combat system in limited time and semi real-time. [bullet]Unique system of interactive cinematic events within the heart of the game. [bullet]Multiplayer game for 2-6 players. [bullet]Three games within the game: arm-wrestling, archery contest and a boardgame. [bullet]Zoom and perspective effect. [bullet]Multi-resolution display, from 800 x 600 up to 1600 x 1280. [bullet]A unique runic magic system which is both simple and original, offering over 100 spells and special powers accessible to the four archetypes. [bullet]Thousand screens creating an entirely dynamic gameworld, which represents rich and varied environments (marshlands, steppes, volcanic cities, underground labyrinths...). [bullet]Hardware dynamic color and particle effects, management of day-night cycles and displays of meteorological conditions (rain, snow, mists, wind...) having direct incidence on the game rules.

De screenshots zien er veelbelovend uit! Deze game staat voor volgend jaar gepland.