Zoals elke week gebruikelijk is laat Bungie ons weten hoe het staat met de voortgang van Halo. Deze week heeft men het energy pistol van de Covenant aangepast zodat deze overhit kan raken, ook ontploffen nu andere granaten als ze geraakt worden door een granaat. Daarnaast heeft men gewerkt aan de cutscenes en nog wat andere dingen.- Adrian Perez, one of two new guys, will actually be working with the Team Formerly Known As Oni once Halo is done. In the

meantime he's contributing his coding skills to Halo just like the rest of the Oni team. This week he reworked the motion sensor.

- Chris Hughes built a bunch of little things, including runway signal batons to be used in one of the cutscenes. He also reworked some of the models to show how bullets modify chests.

- On the multiplayer side, this week we started balancing the Sidewinder map, worked on making more new multiplayer maps, did some work balancing the weapons, and reworked the post-game stats to be more accurate and readable.

- Shiek is working on a lovely overload effect for the generators, as well as some stuff I can't talk about.

- Rob has stayed busy putting in more weapon LODs, making yet more revisions to the first-person weapon models, and writing combat dialog for the Covenant.

- Marcus has spent the week fixing the skies; our friend Craig Mullins took some time out of his busy schedule to paint some heavenly bodies for us, and Marcus is putting them in the game. De overige updates kan je hier lezen, maar voorlopig ziet het er niet naar uit dat er een demo uitkomt