Iedereen heeft wel een spel wat hij of zij net iets te vaak speelt. Het is natuurlijk geen verslaving, want wie is er nu verslaafd aan een spelletje. Inderdaad niemand. Hoewel, zouden er dan toch mensen zijn die ten onder gaan aan het plezier van spelen. Een medewerker van CGO beschreef de verslavende werking van The Conquerors, de uitbreiding van AoE2.To everyone out there who ever lost a girlfriend while playing EverQuest all weekend, or a lucrative contract by playing Team Fortress Classic when you should have been arranging meetings, I sympathize. I may have mocked you in the past, but if it weren't for one of our other editors threatening to vivisect me over a massively missed deadline, I wouldn't have even come to my senses long enough to write this column.

That brings us to our monthly Hidden Treasure, which as most of you know is an overlooked online game that deserves a bit of praise and notice. But, hey, remember the definition of "addiction"? Even game research, one of the most enjoyable portions of my job, has seemed like far too much trouble this month. I fire up Netscape, and my fingers just automatically type in I'm like a flipping zombie.

So just play The Conquerors. And if you see somebody named Mediocrites in the Zone lobby, offer to play a game of Wonder Race. If the response is "hey, that's my favorite!", then please call an addiction hotline and have them come get me. It'll all be for the best. Ach, zolang ik mijn dagelijkse dosis Deus Ex en UT krijg heb ik het niet over een verslaving.