Wie kent ze niet, action figures, de kleine (of grote) poppetjes van plastic. Stoer staan ze op je bureau te kijken of je geen ongewenste handelingen verricht. Nog stoerder zijn Duke Nukem action figures. PlanetDuke host sindskort de ultieme Duke Nukem action figures site, waar je alles kan lezen over de verschillende modellen, wat ze kunnen en nog veel meer. Want wie wil er nu geen plastic Duke Nukem, Pig Cop, Octabrain of Battlelord op zijn bureau?The Top 10 Reasons Why Duke is Better than Barbie!

10: Duke has a much more impressive arsenal.

9: Duke doesn't date Ken.

8: Duke doesn't take a sissy hot pink Corvette around the beach cruising for studmuffins.

7: Duke would never rush home to bake cookies for the boys.

6: Barbie would never say "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all outta gum."

5: Duke doesn't stay home to baby-sit his little cousin Skipper on Friday nights.

4: Duke doesn't lounge around his house in his fantasy wedding dress, at least not as often as Barbie does...

3: Duke doesn't own 500 different pairs of shoes.

2: Duke doesn't sit around with the girls and complain about how lousy their boyfriends are.

1: Actually, I can think of two good reasons why Barbies are better... It's time to kick ass, chew bubblegum and checking out this site