Alles wordt tegenwoordig gereviewd, ook muismatten. Everglide (lijkt wel een naam van een condoom fabrikant ) staat bekend om zijn hoogwaardige muismatten. Inderdaad, geen high tech monitoren of videokaarten, maar muismatten. Eurogamer kon zich lekker maken met de Large Attack Pad. Voor 15 pond !!! moet dat wel erg lekker glijden For the last few weeks I have been using one of Everglide's "Large Attack Pads" which, despite the name, is actually one of their smaller surfaces, giving a welcome boost in clear space on my somewhat cluttered desk.

With a smooth curvaceous design that looks like it escaped from the set of a Batman movie, it is certainly stylish, as well as functional. The rounded dent in the near edge of the pad nicely accommodates your hand, and if you hold your wrist still the mouse sweeps nicely around the curved "wings" as you move it from side to side.

There's not much room for moving the mouse up and down on the pad though, and it seems to be designed for twitch killers who have their mouse sensitivity settings very high. Luckily that includes me, and the pad also makes an ideal partner for my highly accurate (and bloody expensive!) Razer Boomslang 2000 gaming mouse.

Buying a precision surface for your rodent is something of a no-brainer if you are a hardcore gamer - it will

certainly improve your accuracy, and will probably reduce the amount of grime that your mouse picks up

during use. The Everglide mats are also easy to wash and almost impossible to wear out or destroy, so regardless of whether you play action games or not, if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer it might be

better to splash out on an Everglide mat rather than keep buying new "cheap" mats every few months.

Doe mij ook maar zo'n muismatje .

P.s hoe maken jullie je muismat schoon ?