De tot nu toe best bewezen kopieerbeveiling voor online spellen is een cd-key. Het succes hiervan is wel met Half-Life bewezen, miljoenen exemplaren zijn alleen verkocht omdat men online wou spelen.

Met een steeds grotere spellencollectie wordt het gevaar van kwijtraken van de CD-KEY steeds groter. De key staat tegenwoordig meestal in de bijgeleverde manual en laat dat nou iets zijn wat snel kwijtraakt.

Om dit potentiƫle gevaar in te dammen heeft Stomped een complete guide geschreven hoe je de cd-keys het best kan opslaan, zodat je ze nooit meer vergeet. De mogelijkheden gaan van simpel ( .txt bestandje op de PC) naar matig (graveren in metaal) tot bikkel ( met een laser burnen op de maan). Uiteraard worden ook alle tussenliggende opties behandeld

Difficulty: Not a lot harder than the tattoo on your arm, but you must be able to endure the stares of people who just DON'T UNDERSTAND how important it is that you keep your CD-key safe.

Description: This is pretty much the same method as before, but when you go into the tattoo parlor and smack the tattoo guy around, be sure to mention that you want him to tattoo it on your forehead. He might be reluctant to do it, so be prepared to rough him up a bit. Maybe you could smash a couple beer bottles on the counter while you're at it, just to prove what a man you are. But chances are he'll realize that you're just doing what any NORMAL person would do to keep their CD-key safe, so don't go overboard when you smash up his place.

Weaknesses: Now that the tattoo is on your forehead, you don't need to worry about sticking arms out the window of vehicles or anything like that, so you can get back to your normal routine of trying to grab antennae decorations off big rigs as they speed down the highway in the opposite direction. If by chance your head DOES get ripped off, you shouldn't worry too much about your CD-key because chances are you won't be playing the game again any time soon (because you can't see, of course). Your only real concerns should be 3rd-degree burns to the face, and a flesh-eating virus, both of which could easily distort the CD-key enough to make it unreadable. The fact that this method has such a glaring and obvious weakness makes me question how good this method is.

Voor meer humor kan je doorsurfen naar Stomped.