Ga Source heeft een uitgebreid interview on-line geplaatst waarin gamedevelopers hun idee geven voor de perfecte game, ongeacht de huidige technologie. In dit report komen de boys van Valve uitvoerig aan bod. En gezien de reputatie van Half-Life is dit toch zeker de moeite om te bekijken.We have all dreamed of the perfect game. A game where everything and anything was possible. Some might even call a few of the games out today the "perfect game". But what if developer's were given full reign to create whatever game they wanted too. No technological limits, system requirements, genre specifications, etc. What kind of game do you think they would create? Well we posed this exact question to some of the most respected development teams, designers, programmers, and producers in the gaming community today and we think you'll be surprised at some of their answers.Zeker even lezen.