[GpW]ShadoW schrijft: "Oh, al die herinneringen toen ik de screenshots zag...

Een uurtje ronddolen door de level en op het laatst dood gaan door een Shambler.": #1

Ash: It almost goes without saying, the Shambler was everything Quake. It was big, it was bad, it was ugly, and it had lightning bent on carnage. I'm also pretty sure that he had an affinity for burnt Ash.

Pappy-R: Oh man...it's da Shambler here people. If there is any doubt about this guy being the #1 thing in Quake 1 to kick some serious ass, let me expound a bit. I saw this guy take out two Fiends and a HellKnight by himself. His swat would send you back a week in time and that bolt of his could light a freight train a mile away. This guy IS the goods.

Ash: And since Quake 1 was truly a singleplayer game, he's the one that lights the fire. Number One.Dan zal ik zeker maar niet beginnen over Unreal. (We just luv these discussions)