RTS een populair genre, kijk maar naar de poll Maar hoe gaat het nu verder in de toekomst. Blijven we klooien met harvesters , of komt er iets vernieuwend ?. Gameslice kijkt erg kritisch naar het RTS genre. Steeds dezelfde spellen met hetzelfde idee is volgens de schrijver niet erg boeiend en zal een dood lopend einde zijn binnen het genre.So, if genre inspired innovation is the wave of the future, what won't work in the days to come? I think production-based RTS has reached its high-water mark. Folks are tired of building factories. They want to fight. Even games with production based systems -- such as the upcoming Age of Empires II: The Conquerors -- often downplay resource gathering. Nauseating detail and battlefields choked with hundreds of units are also passé. Both detail and tank hordes fall under the heading of what-use-is-it-if-the-game-moves-too- quickly-to-enjoy-it? Of course everything is going 3-D, but that's not innovation, merely the current price of admission into the gaming world. Real time strategy is at a crossroads. Those developers who back away from the mirror and walk into the sunshine of genre-inspired innovation will become the bronzed-gaming gods of the future. Their titles will not only be bought by strategy gamers, but by action, role-playing, and wargaming aficionados as well. On the other hand, those churning out the games whose claim to fame is "stunning 3-D graphics" or "control thousands of uniquely animated units," are doomed to sink into the dusty depths of discount bins, only sought by the pasty-faced, gaming hard core.Ach ieder zijn mening, ik blijf het machtig vinden om met een groot leger de basis van mijn tegenstander te vernietigen . RTS all the way baby . Maar wie weet en heeft de schrijver wel gelijk, De toekomst van RTS.