Met de Radeon 9700 chipset in het vooruitzicht en een harde concurrentie die geleverd zal worden met Nvidia, breken er mooie tijden aan voor de consument. Dalende prijzen van nu erg kostbare chipsets en een toename aan allerlei mooie features die we straks in DirectX 9 terug mogen zien.

Op Gamersdepot hadden ze een interview met ATI over de toekomst van de Radeon 9000 serie en welke toekomst er is voor mobiele 3Dchipsets en de high-end 3Dchips.GD: With the release of the 9000 Pro, you guys are obviously shooting to steal the market from NVIDIA's MX line of cards. What will be your response should NVIDIA move the price of their Ti4200 down to 100 dollars?

ATI: Our primary focus in the development and pricing of the RADEON 9000 Pro was to deliver a solution that addresses the evolving needs of mainstream customers who care about 3D performance, visual effects and enhanced display capabilities. We compare it to the MX because it is the product that addresses the mainstream segment. Nvidia may wish to defend their position in the mainstream segment by discarding the MX and crushing the price of the Ti4200. In a way it would be cool if they did because that would indicate that the RADEON 9000 has them scared. The RADEON 9000 not only has more features with Pixel Shader 1.4 support, but we will also be able to aggressively defend our market position against Ti4200 due to a more efficient manufacturing process.

Het interview is op GamersDepot na te lezen.