Stemmen zijn een belangrijk element als het om de sfeer van een spel gaat. Een van de sfeer vollere spellen van het moment is Deus Ex. Well-rounded was, net zoals wij, benieuwd van wie die stemmen waren. Bij sommige namen staat zelfs een foto. Kijken op eigen risico dus If you've played Deus Ex for any length of time, it should come as no surprise that Walton Simons is a company man - but you probably had no idea just how

accurate that description was.

Behind the cybernetic enhancements and seething hatred of all things fine and decent lies a very busy person. Turns out the Director of FEMA has a second job - one that has nothing to do with UNATCO. Walton Simons,

you see, is the alter-ego of Tom Hall, vice president of Ion Storm and designer of the upcoming Anachronox.

Hall's just one of 10 Ion Storm staffers who did

voice work for the company's first bona fide critical and commercial hit. And while it's not unusual to hear an in-house voice on minor characters in games, you might be surprised to learn how many staffers are tied to major characters this time out.

Ion Storm's Voices of Deus Ex:

Jay Franke (QA tester): J.C. Denton, Paul Denton, Daedelus, Sailor

Jen Emert (human resource director): Hooker, Sally

Richard Gaubert (writer): Alex Jacobson, Doctor Moreau, Savage Assistant, Scientist, Scientist Consulting, Street Bum, Terrorist Leader

Tom Hall (game designer, vice president of Ion Storm): Walter Simons, Waltor Button, Howard Strong, AI Prototype, Bar Man Vince, Clinic Bum

Jay Hosfelt (artist): NSF Crate

Henrick Jonsson (programmer): Storage Computer Tech

Peter Marquardt (associate producer, Deus Ex): Icarus, Company Man, Male Hostage, Man, Ray, Tony Mares

Lee Perry (lead artist, Anachronox): Disgruntled Guy, Doctor, Dr. Bernard, Scared Soldier

Eric Smith (artist): Metro MJ12 Troop Special, MJ12 Lab Troop Window, UNATCO Grenade

Ralph Barbagallo (programmer, Anachronox): Doctor (Hell's Kitchen)Als je ziet wie nu werkelijk achter een stem zit gaat de "magie" toch wel verloren.

Voices of Deus Ex