Zoals iedereen weet bestaat de gamescene niet alleen uit toppers. De gamescene bestaat eigenlijk meer uit bagger dan uit toppers kan je zelfs stellen. Maar in de categorie "bagger" heb je zelfs nog winnaars. Actionplanet bekijkt de slechtste Space Sims.Welcome to Warzone's stellar trashcan for Space Simulations! Yes, it's a genre that hasn't spawned hundreds of games. But do you think all are good because of that? Think again... The Galactic Council for Space Sim Deterioration knows how to turn awesome attempts in the most awful of games! A note before I begin: most of the screenshots you see here are taken from the official sites. Of course, since these games are pieces of art, grabbing screens is either impossible or harder than playing Shadowmaster with both hands tied behind you back... Sheesh, I couldn't get some of these games to install or run at all! And the nominees are: Frontier: First Encounters

Phoenix - Deep Space Resurrection

Privateer 2: The Darkening

Wing Commander Prophecy

Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Darklight Conflict

Misschien heb je wel alle titels in je rekje staan , vind je het zelfs de "top of the line" maar veel beter zal het toch niet worden worden volgens 3dActionplanet. P.s iedereen is zo vrij om de lijst aan te vullen