De maker van de Sims, Will Wright, heeft bekend gemaakt dat ze bezig zijn met een multiplayer versie van de Sims!

Deze versie is nu nog alleen in de "design" fase, dus het kan nog wel een tijdje duren voordat deze versie van de Sims in de winkel ligt. Helaas is er verder nog geen release date gegeven . is reporting that Maxis is currently working on a multiplayer version of their insanely popular real-time strategy game, The Sims. While no release date was given (they're only in the design and prototype stage at the moment), The Sims creator, Will Wright, will be heading up the development team. In case you into quotes, here's a blatant rip from's news bit (can you say spicy?):

The official word from Maxis is that we're working on a new on one game around The Sims. Will Wright is designing it. No release date at this time.

We're only in the design and prototype stage at the moment.