Na een lange tijd wachten is het eindelijk zo ver. De RTCW multiplayertest is te downloaden.

Bereid je voor op volle servers, lange wachtrijen en mislukte downloads. Dit alles uiteraard gevolgd door vette multiplayeractie, grafische pracht en veel speelplezier

--Contains one multiplayer teamplay map

--Does not contain single player or bots (you will need a connection to the Internet to play)

--Please check the readme.html file that is included with the game for a description of how to play, what is included, known issues, and other important information.

--Does not contain cheats (e.g. noclip, modified fov, giveall, etc.)

--Mods, game modifications, hacks, alterations, etc. are expressly prohibited with this TEST (please see the EULA.doc file included in the download for complete details)

--Redistribution of this Multiplayer TEST is not permitted by any means other than electronically via the Internet. Redistribution via any physical medium is expressly prohibited (please see the EULA.doc file included in the download for complete details).

--This is a TEST. You may experience compatibility or performance issues. Please send all feedback and bugs to wolfbugs@idsoftware.comDus wat zit je dit nog te lezen, downloaden die hap !

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