Sharky Games bekeek de PS2. Nu zou je denken dat men het over de graphics, verkrijgbaarheid of de hype die Sony maakt gaat hebben, maar nee. Sharky Games bekeek de DVD mogelijkheden van de PS2 en ziet dat het DVD naar de mensen brengt.

DVD to the people en dat is toch iets wat men niet over het hoofd mag zien bij de beoordeling van deze console.Which is exactly why the DVD functionality of the PS2 is in my mind the one brilliant move Sony made in this otherwise unimpressive launch. Anything that pokes at consumer connoisseurship in any of its silly forms is okay by me. Like PC gamers who snub consoles altogether, DVD snobs dissing the PS2 seems to me a pointless, close-minded exercise in self-puffery. One of the paradoxes of our consumer culture is that we are addicted to acquiring stuff – any stuff – but we want desperately to look as if we are pursuing some higher ideals when we do so. Collecting is the most obvious rationalization for consumer gluttony. We don't buy zillions of beanie babies or sports cards or whatever because we're following a fad or mindlessly acquisitive. No, we do it because we're “collecting,” we're serving some higher purpose, some more cultivated and discriminating value than simple consumption. It's an investment, you see.

Misschien is de DVD speler van de PS2 een reden om tot aanschaf over te gaan.