Het is Mod week op Gamespy. De komende week worden de nieuwe en toekomstige Mods bekeken van Q3, UT, Deus Ex, Tribes2 en Half-Life. Vandaag is het de beurt aan Q3.

Dat niet alle mensen normaal omgaan met Q3 kon je laatst hier al lezen in het interview met de aimbot maker voor Q3.

You want 'em, the Quake community has 'em. It's mods, mods, mods, and if you think you've seen it all with what has been unleashed on the Quake III community thus far, buckle up, 'cause that was only a taste. The creative community behind Quake III is really only getting geared up. The newest, and some of the biggest things to be done with Quake III: Arena are still under heavy development and will start to release their beta versions in the coming months.

We're about to take a look at some projects that have made their way to the general public yet. These mods, partial conversions and total conversions will make some heads spin and show just how much creativity is left in the community. Remember that this is merely a sample of what's to come, and in no way a complete list of the only cool things we have to look forward too. We'll take a kind of cross section, or sample look and focus on some areas that are up and coming with some creative themes. From realistic war to flights of fancy, the Quake III mod community is unstoppable.

Navy Seals: Covert Ops:

Navy Seals is to be based on action scenarios with a military feel and specific objectives. You and your team will be given goals and missions that you'll have to complete while another team either tries to accomplish their own before you, or stop you dead.

Annihilation: Another project, another war. Annihilation for Quake III is more realism based action, but this time we get to fight in the well known stomping grounds of World War II. The time of Nazi terror returns with the military play you'll find within the Annihilation project. This project will offer class based team play and some amazing additions to normal Quake III play.De rest van de nieuwe Mods kan je hier opduiken .