Het is Mod week bij Gamespy. Dit keer niet de standaard "Wat is de beste Mod", maar wat worden de toekomstige Mods. Eergisteren al de toekomstige Mods van Quake3. Nu krijgen we de toekomst van de Half-Life Mods.The Half-Life mod community really needs no introduction. Without a doubt, Valve Software's decision to support the mod community for its game years after Half-Life's initial release has received praise from industry critics, software developers, and, of course, the fans Desert Crisis

Set in the near future, Desert Crisis sets the scene for a world very different from life as we know it. The UPKO (United Peace-Keeping Organization) was Earth's way of trying to establish world peace.


Headed up by modeler extraordinaire ~A.u.s.t.i.n., Existence follows closely to the storyline of the hit movie, The Matrix. The year is 2180 and humans are at war with machines. The machines, the dominant force, are using humans literally as battery cells to power their forces and are trapping them inside a virtual computer simulated world, which simulates life as we know it

Front Line Force

Front Line Force is fast becoming one of the most anticipated Half-Life mods. It is a 100% teamplay-orientated "capture and secure" war mod which will force the players to work together as a team to accomplish the mission goals.

Holy Wars

The Holy Wars mod has certainly made the rounds amongst the top first-person shooter games. This fan favorite has already been released for every version of Quake (the Quake 2 version being the most popular), and Unreal Tournament.

Hostile Intent

This mod originally started life as the highly touted, but now defunct, Sherman Project and was picked up by Sherman Project fans after the initial team decided to

cease development. The mod is back with a new name: Hostile Intent.Half-Life for President ! De rest van de Mods kan je op Gamespy bekijken.