De site Slownewsday (voor sommige bekend als Lum the Mad) is alweer toe aan het vierde deel van hun online gaming special. Hierin wordt oa ingegaan op de graphics van de nieuwe generatie games en welke graad van fotorealisme we mogen verwachten in de toekomst.

Op de vraag wat we van games mogen verwachten in de termen van fotorealisme had Ultima Online bedenker Richard Gariott het volgende te melden:RG: Just like in the animated movie business, there will be a strong push for increased quality. This does not mean photo-realism. Plus there will still be room for the art house avant-garde styles of fuzzy graphics and off the wall game play, but the core of money making games will have high quality polish in all aspects. For Virtual Reality style MMP's photo realistic graphics will be the norm. What will set them apart is how uniquely the world they envision is conceived. Creating a compelling and yet unique world will be the next round challenge. This first round of MMP's has created a bunch of pretty much the same games. They vary slightly in sci-fi ness and easy versus hard core features, but there is little true innovation yet. Wat de gamelegendes als Ralph Koster (StarWars Galaxies) op deze vraag te zeggen had kan je lezen op Slownewsday.